Today we are creating a new era of exploration practices. We redefine the very concept of exploration taking you to places you've never been, but have always wanted to go.


Quantum Leap
Based on our technological know how we promote a new model of exploration practices and investment planning for the successful development of natural resources. Our Fractal Dynamic Rendering Technology enables direct detection of minerals, hydrocarbons, and geological formations. We explore in every corner of the world, onshore and offshore with data adequacy never seen before.
Fundamental Data
Our exploration practice is a unique approach to the long-established industry. We feature a unique combination of searching, exploration, and evaluation of highly accurate data in one step. Experience an exiting journey through fundamental science taking its source from the laws and forces that organize the Universe. It is a distinct breakthrough for the whole E&P industry.
Exploration is the foundation of the entire reservoir life cycle. The quality of subsurface characterization performed upfront has a direct impact on the success—or failure—of all subsequent appraisal, development, and production activities. As geological complexities, costs, and risk profiles continue to increase dramatically, we provide the industry with a fundamental solution for the assessment and mitigation of exploration risks.

Who we are

Game Changer
We are a game changer, setting a new paradigm for research and planning capabilities. We answer the most essential question of the industry very precisely: where exactly the deposits are hidden, and we guide you there.
The collection of unique experimental data obtained through research in various related scientific fields with a focus in geology and natural resources has brought us to the top of our current technological capabilities. The information content of the data surpasses the current views on the properties of matter.
Our current strategic focus is the exploration and evaluation of commercial prospective oil & gas deposits, and precious metals. We conduct many research programs in climatology, archaeology, anthropology and volcanism.

CEO message

We are proud to pass forward our scientific achievements by integrating the FDR Technology into one of the most essential industry sector of our society. We bring an absolutely environmentally friendly and far anticipated exploration technology into the market. It is a genuine breakthrough for the whole E&P industry. We accelerate the entry into new basins and plays, expand your opportunities, shorten cycle times, minimize drilling footage, and help locate bypassed reserves. We boost the industry’s overall capacity in reserve replacement worldwide and deliver the lowest possible cost of BOE, maximizing the NPV of your asset.
Philipp Förderer

Our know-how

Key Driver
The Fractal Dynamic Rendering Technology is a unique mathematical and engineering tool that enables direct identification of mineral resources. It significantly reduces the total size of any exploration program and shortens the timeline. It promotes overall optimization of all essential factors: costs, risks, time.
Breakthrough Visualization
The two major tasks are data extraction and visualization. We visualize the sub surface in a fundamental and objective way. The long-term research has produced objective, general algorithms to identify and visualize topological elements of space-time that match various substances and structural clusters including minerals, hydrocarbons, and geological formations.
A New Paradigm
The FDR Technology research data are significantly better than any traditional exploration technology. Our surveys are performed anywhere in the world, in any conditions, in any terrain, in deep water, or in inaccessible forests and tundra. We do not require any other data as a prerequisite. The technology can be applied to a wide range of geological forecasting and exploratory tasks.

Value drivers

Operational Excellence
We explore wherever the deposits are hidden. We provide valuable information to make Investment decisions. We offer highly accurate information and give the management a powerful tool to control the integrated value chain and create the most favorable conditions to successfully match expectations and reality. We develop core differentiators of high strategic and practical value, cutting massive costs and reducing high risks.
Global Goal
Our confidence in what we do is a foundation for attaining our global goal: science for a better world. We believe that new discoveries contribute to the prosperity and meet the demands of our growing civilization. We think about the next generations living on our planet, and we want to preserve a clean and healthy Earth. This is the challenge we have set for ourselves, and in order to meet it we pursue our key priority: environmental approach.
Clean & Safe
Environmental vision is fundamental to our business. We provide the most anticipated and environmentally friendly technology. Our technology has zero environmental impact, and no negative social factors. This provides a synergistic effect and allows to achieve impressive results in the short- to long-term development of every project. Our vision is simple and ambitious: we develop our business in a way that contributes to a healthy environment.